High Schoolers Hit Back At Woke Policies

In a recent incident at Lakeridge High School, students have reportedly been removing tampon dispensers from boys’ bathrooms and placing them in toilets. This act has prompted discussions about the provision of menstrual products in all restrooms, as mandated by Oregon state law. While some have criticized the requirement, labeling it as an unnecessary expense and a result of radical gender ideology, others argue for the importance of supporting all students’ needs and fostering an inclusive environment.

Lakeridge High School sent out an email addressing the removal of tampon dispensers from boys’ bathrooms. According to reports, the school attached a photo of a dispenser found in a toilet as evidence of the issue. In compliance with House Bill 3294, also known as the Menstrual Dignity Act, Oregon public schools are required to provide free tampons and sanitary pads in all bathroom dispensers, regardless of gender designation.

Critics of the requirement highlight concerns regarding the allocation of resources and the potential neglect of scientific facts. Some argue that the act of removing tampon dispensers is a statement by boys who wish to assert their identity and privacy. However, it is essential to note that providing menstrual products in boys’ bathrooms does not imply that all boys require them. Rather, it acknowledges that some students who identify as boys may menstruate or have menstruating individuals in their lives who may require access to these products.

“This is a perfect example of throwing away tax dollars in Oregon public schools,” vice president of Parents Defending Education Caroline Moore noted, according to the outlet. “This isn’t about vandalizing school property — we all know that is bad. The boys are signaling they are not girls and they want to be left alone. It is appalling that any school district is furthering the bizarre agenda from the left where they neglect science and believe men require tampons. Aren’t the teachers supposed to be teaching them elementary facts, like I don’t know, anatomy?”

The Blaze