Hillary Clinton Goes TOO FAR! Tells Americans to Prepare For…

There isn’t much that Hillary Clinton won’t say or do to increase her own net worth or political presence.  This has just always been her way of operating within the murky waters in inner Washington.

So, as the 2020 election grows near, the former Secretary of State has begun chirping yet again.  This time it’s not about Donald Trump’s alleged Kremlin connections, however.  No, for 2020 Hillary has cooked up an even better piece of dystopian fiction in which Donald Trump simply refuses to leave office if he doesn’t win reelection.

Clinton unveiled this wild hyperbole on The Daily Show.

“Republicans have two prongs to their strategy to try to win,” she explained. “The first is to try to prevent as many people who they think won’t vote for them from voting. So make the lines really long where young people vote or African-Americans vote or Hispanics vote. Try to make vote-by-mail as difficult as possible. Claim it’s fraudulent when indeed it’s not. In fact, that’s how Donald Trump votes and everybody who knows about vote-by-mail understands that.”

With that, Noah asked if she believes President Trump, who has repeatedly said in the past that voter fraud is an issue with voting by mail, will attempt to use the vast number of Americans likely to vote by mail in November due to the COVID-19 pandemic as an excuse to delegitimize the election and refuse to yield power in the event he loses.

This is where it gets weird.

“I think it is a fair point to raise as to whether or not, if he loses, he’s going to go quietly or not. We have to be ready for that,” she cautioned. “But there have been so many academic studies and other analyses that point out that it’s just an inaccurate, fraudulent claim. There isn’t that problem.”

For as much as Clinton likes to chide President Trump for his cornucopia of comments both online and IRL, she sure does love to put some pretty horrific ideas out into the world.