Hillary Clinton Receives Order From Judge to Do The Unthinkable!

Hillary Clinton, former First Lady and then Secretary of State, has long been politically invincible.  In fact, the inability of justice to capture Clinton has been a frequent theme among conspiracy theorists online, who believe that the powers that be are solidly in her corner.

Clinton has narrowly escaped paying her debt to society on a number of issues, from leaving Americans to die in Benghazi to rigging the 2016 primaries against Bernie Sanders.

Perhaps one of her most vile schemes included a private, unsecured email server hidden in the restrooms at the State Department that she was using to obscure her emails from the government agencies who oversee that sort of thing.  Not only was this treachery, plain and simple, but Clinton’s storing of classified material on that server had endangered the lives of Americans abroad.

Somehow, even after the FBI admitted that Clinton had committed wrongdoing, the former First Lady faced no consequences.

The could all be about to change, however.

A federal judge Monday granted a request from conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch to have former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sit for a sworn deposition to answer questions about her use of a private email server to conduct government business.

Clinton has argued that she has already answered questions about this and should not have to do so again — the matter did not result in any charges for the then-presidential candidate in 2016 after a high-profile investigation — but D.C. District Court Judge Royce C. Lamberth said in his ruling that her past responses left much to be desired.


“As extensive as the existing record is, it does not sufficiently explain Secretary Clinton’s state of mind when she decided it would be an acceptable practice to set up and use a private server to conduct State Department business,” Lamberth said.

The news will surely come as a blessing to many Americans, Democrat and Republican alike, who believe that Clinton represents the worst sort of political chicanery imaginable.