Hillary Clinton Tells Americans How to ‘Get Their Life Back’

With the American people now finally basking in the light at the end of the pandemic’s tunnel, there are no shortage of last mile suggestions being made by anyone and everyone within tweeting distance of their phones.

The fracas has been elevated this week after the CDC mad a major adjustment to their mask recommendations, with the agency now stating that those of us who are vaccinated are free to engage with the public space mask-less.  Some Democrats have suggested that the CDC is acting prematurely, at the same time that the GOP is largely wondering what took so long.

Hillary Clinton, however, is using the vaccine as a bartering chip with the American people.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Monday that Americans should get vaccinated against the coronavirus if they want to “get your life back.”

“It’s pretty simple: Get vaccinated. Get your life back,” the twice-failed Democrat presidential candidate wrote on Twitter, sharing a link to vaccines.gov, a federal website that helps find locations that carry COVID-19 vaccines.

This strange ultimatum arrives as the US is set to send a vast number of vaccines overseas, a la the Biden administration.

Biden said Monday that the U.S. will share an additional 20 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines with the world in the coming six weeks as domestic demand for shots drops and global disparities in distribution have grown more evident.

The doses will come from existing production of Pfizer, Moderna or Johnson & Johnson vaccine stocks, marking the first time that U.S.-controlled doses of vaccines authorized for use in the country will be shared overseas. It will boost the global vaccine sharing commitment from the U.S. to 80 million.

The unvaccinated of our nation continue to find themselves singled out and segregated from the general population, in a move that appears to create second-class citizens out of those who are unwilling to be inoculated at this time.