Hillary Goes OFF on Twitter! Blames Donald Trump for Nancy Pelosi’s Actions

Like a bad penny, Hillary Clinton just keeps on turning up.

The former Secretary of State was the nation’s sorest loser at the end of the 2016 election, in which she arrogantly hadn’t written a concession speech.  Now, she seems to be continuously poking her head back into the mix at an unprecedented rate, first in order to grab some attention with her views on the 2020 election, and now to berate Donald Trump over his work on the coronavirus crisis.

What’s worse:  She’s using the actions of her own Democratic Party to lambast the Commander in Chief.

Twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on Monday accused the GOP of pursuing a “#SelfDeal” and blamed President Trump for the lack of immediate economic relief for the American people during the coronavirus pandemic, even though Democrats blocked bipartisan legislation and have since packed a swath of demands unrelated to the issue at hand in their own proposal.

“In the face of crisis, FDR had the New Deal to help suffering Americans. Now, @realdonaldtrump, you and your fellow Republicans are pushing the #SelfDeal. See the difference?” she asked.

Twice now the Democrats have kept the bill from passing; a bill that would provide crucial and timely aid to Americans the nation over who are doing their part in trying to save the world from home.