Hillary reemerges to call Trump an ‘illegitimate’ President

Hillary Clinton’s unexpected slew of public appearances this week has political observers scratching their heads.

Clinton has been fairly quiet as of late, after her embarrassing electoral evisceration in 2016 sent her back to Chappaqua, New York empty handed.  Sure, there were the occasional soundbites and speaking engagements, but nothing like we’re seeing this week.

For some, this could be an indication that Clinton is considering a late entry into the 2020 race – a move that many Democrats are likely bemoaning behind the scenes.  If not, however, this would amount to Clinton simply running a victory lap during Donald Trump’s current impeachment quagmire, something that would be distasteful at best.

Of course, the former First Lady is making the most of her recent uptick in events, dropping some fairly substantial accusations regarding President Trump in the process.

On Wednesday’s broadcast of ABC’s “The View” former Secretary of State and 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton called President Donald Trump “an illegitimate president.”

Clinton said, “I do think that he knows that he’s an illegitimate president and because of that he’s very insecure about it. Look what he’s trying to do now. Part of the Ukraine scandal that is slowly coming to light is he’s trying to figure out how to say, no, no, it wasn’t the Russians.”

Clinton’s attitude in the months following her 2016 loss have been described repeatedly as the behavior of a sore loser, with the former Secretary of State not even writing a concession speech in case she lost to President Trump on election night.