Hillary’s Howard Stern Interview Resurrects Concerns Over 2016 Runner-Up’s Health

Hillary Clinton just can’t seem to get enough fo the spotlight as of late, and some believe that’s because she’s not done trying to be President.

In 2016, Clinton fell to Donald Trump in the general election after having rigged the primaries to make herself the candidate over Senator Bernie Sanders.  When this scheme was outed by the work of Wikileaks, a great many within the Democratic Party turned away from Hillary and the DNC itself, citing their inherent corruption as reason enough to step away.

This opened the door for Donald Trump’s lopsided victory, and Clinton herself has been fuming ever since.

Fuming and coughing, really.  Lots of coughing.

Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton suffered a lengthy coughing spell Wednesday in an interview with Sirius/XM radio talk show host Howard Stern.

After discussing the 2020 campaign race, and the difficulties of social media, Clinton started coughing as Stern continued speaking.

As she continued coughing, Stern paused and said, “I feel like I need to give you a cough drop or something … you OK?”

“I got one,” Clinton croaked.

Stern recalled her coughing was also the subject of speculation during the campaign, leading people to speculate about her health.

“I was dying,” Clinton said in a sarcastic raspy voice as she kept coughing, joking, “I thought I would come on and cough some more.”

Clinton was infamously unhealthy during that last election cycle, even suffering form a bizarre fainting spell while attending a 9/11 memorial gathering.

Her campaign would attempt to tie this loss of consciousness to “pneumonia” – a story that many didn’t buy into.