Hillary’s Latest Tirade Against Trump and Facebook is Simply Unbelievable

Hillary Clinton just cannot take a hint, it seems.

After her rigging of the 2016 Democratic presidential primaries, then-nominee Clinton found herself on the receiving end of a trouncing by now-President Donald Trump in the general election.  This was due, in no small part, to a mass exodus by younger Democratic voters who were in support of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders’ bid for the Oval Office, and Clinton’s DNC-backed coup was seen as a betrayal of the party’s principles.

Since then, Clinton has been a persona non grata within the Democratic Party – something the the former First Lady has herself been oblivious too.

As evidence of her ignorance, Clinton continues to chime in on presidential politics with the regularity of a Swiss watch maker.  This week’s tirade took her paranoia to a new level, as she accused both President Trump and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg of being similarly “authoritarian”.

Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has alluded to Mark Zuckerberg possessing what she calls “Trumpian” qualities matched with “authoritarian” views displayed via his stewardship of Facebook, an interview in the Atlantic magazine reveals.

Her analogy comes just 24-hours after it was alleged Facebook is helping to reelect President Trump in 2020 in exchange for protection, as billionaire George Soros claimed Thursday in Davos, Switzerland.

Clinton aired her own conspiracy theory in an exchange with Jeffrey Goldberg, the Atlantic’s editor-in-chief, at an event hosted by Emerson Collective at the Sundance Film Festival. Reporter Adrienne Lafrance wrote of the exchange:

“Listening to Clinton, I was struck by how remarkably similar her account was to something Zuckerberg had once told me. Facts, Zuckerberg had suggested, are best derived from foraging many opinions, ideally from the billions of humans who use his publishing platform, so that each individual might cherry-pick what to believe. (Cherry-pick is my word, not his.)

“I wrote at the time that Zuckerberg’s interpretation was unsatisfying for one thing, and Trumpian for another. When I asked Clinton today whether she too sees a Trumpian quality in Zuckerberg’s reasoning, she nodded. ‘It’s Trumpian,’ she said. ‘It’s authoritarian.’  (Facebook did not immediately provide a response to my request for comment from Zuckerberg.)

“It has trumpeted its ability to affect the outcome of an election. There’s good reason to believe, Clinton said, that Facebook is ‘not just going to reelect Trump, but intend[s] to reelect Trump.’”

While Clinton is not expected to jumpstart any sort of late-entry bid for the 2020 race, there is always the possibility that she could find herself on the ballot as a Vice Presidential candidate – something that would almost certainly sink whichever candidate found themselves desperate enough to go there.