Hollywood Celebrity: MAGA Hats Are The New KKK Hood

As with any election year, the vitriol that we hear from the politically-obtuse seems to ramp up as we approach the day of reckoning.  2020, what with all of its unique charm, seems to have an even more pointed version of this semantic sharpening going on, and things are still two months from completion.

Hollywood, which has long been a place chock-full of liberal ideologies, has turned vociferous along with the rest of the nation in this regard, and we are now hearing the sort of insults that make you wonder what’s left in the tank.

Left-wing Hollywood stars launched vicious attacks against Republican National Convention speakers on Tuesday, hurling insults at members of the Trump family, Vice President Mike Pence, and Covington Catholic student Nicholas Sandmann.

The second night of the RNC brought out leftist Hollywood’s nasty side as celebrities flocked to social media to mock and demean President Donald Trump’s supporters. Stars including Alyssa Milano, Michael Rapaport, Judd Apatow, and Kumail Nanjiani went low in their attempts to tear down the Trump administration.

Perhaps the most ridiculous comment came from a lesser known actress.

Titanic star Frances Fisher appeared to be responding to Nicholas Sandmann’s speech when she called the MAGA hat “the new #WhiteSupremacy hood.” (Sandmann put on a MAGA hat at the end of his speech.)

The comparisons between Trump and the KKK, or Trump and any Nazi, are becoming a near-daily occurrence in 2020, as the “resistance” continues to try to convince the world of just how angry they are.