Hollywood Leading Man Says Trump Will Use Military to Stop 2020 Election

President Donald Trump has a fairly compelling contest coming up in November of this year, against former Vice President Joe Biden for the Presidency.

Biden is riding into the election as the “non Trump” option.  The Democrats really do seem to believe that this is all they’ll need to defeat the MAGA army at the polls, but that concept is far too flimsy for primetime.

And so they trot Biden out there, not too dissimilar from the plot of Weekend at Bernie’s, in which a dead man is reanimated by two young men.  It’s a film that simply explored that one specific gag endlessly, tirelessly, and to death…no pun intended.

Still, Biden is going to get a lot of votes directly from folks who are unhappy with some of the President’s bombast.

One Hollywood A-lister has now insinuated that we won’t even have a 2020 election.

Actor Alec Baldwin is pushing a wild conspiracy theory that President Donald Trump could use armed force to stop the election in November. The Hollywood star is basing his unfounded claim on the Department of Homeland Security’s decision to deploy federal agents in Portland, Oregon, to subdue violent rioters following weeks of urban chaos.

“The ‘police’ activity in Portland, and lack of outrage over/resistance to it tells us how Trump could stop the election in November. It’s his only hope,” Alec Baldwin wrote.


The 30 Rock actor has long been a loud anti-Trump opponent, often via Twitter.