House Rep. Suggests Secret Service ‘Coverup’ on J6

The Democratic Party has had no shortage of wild ideas about just what occurred on January 6th, 2021, having invented and reinvented the narrative surrounding the attempted insurrection at the Capitol as it suits their political whims.

Furthermore, the revelations that the select committee investigating the incident have demonstrated have been gussied up in prime-time public hearings, some of which were produced by a former ABC television executive.

And what grand political drama wouldn’t be complete without some sinister coverup from the inside?

A subpoena for Secret Service text messages issued by the House committee investigating the Capitol attack has yielded precisely one transmission. The communication turned over was a request for help sent Jan. 6 by Steven Sund, a Capitol police officer at the time. “That’s all that we have,” said Rep. Stephanie Murphy, the Hill reports. The agency had told the committee it no longer has the Jan. 5-6 texts it requested. A spokesman assured the committee members that the Secret Service isn’t “holding out” on them. Another committee member, Democratic Rep. Jamie Raskin, said Wednesday that he finds the agency’s story hard to believe.

Several lawmakers weren’t buying it.

“I smell a rat,” Raskin said. “That seems like an awfully strange coincidence for those text messages to be banished into oblivion on two days where there was also the most violent insurrection against the union in our history, after the Civil War.” Assistant Director Ronald Rowe wrote to the committee that the agency is still looking for texts, per CNN. “I got a lot of questions,” Democratic Rep. Pete Aguilar said.

The committee’s constant rollout of alleged “bombshells” didn’t appear to be swaying the general public, and so it seems they’re now going for the Hollywood crime thriller angle in order to grab some attention.