House will Vote to Neuter Trump’s War Powers on Thursday

President Trump has seemingly handled the recent rise in tensions between the US and Iran with aplomb, and the world is a safer place for it.

After and Iran-backed militia attempted to infiltrate the US embassy in Baghdad, President Trump ordered an airstrike that killed Iranian terror-General Qasem Soleimani.  This engaged many within Tehran, necessitating some form of retaliation.

But Iran didn’t want to test the United States’ mettle, so they phoned in some purposefully off-target missile strikes after warning their targets that they were coming.  This allowed Iran to look tough in the eyes of the Persian people, while not incurring the wrath of the full American military.

Then, in a pure and powerful deescalation, Trump employed economic sanctions as opposed to military force in response.  It was a brilliant move, and Trump surely has every right to take a victory lap here.

But then come the Democrats

House Democrats emerged from a classified briefing Wednesday deeply skeptical of President Donald Trump’s decision to order the killing of a top Iranian leader and unconvinced that he posed an “imminent” threat to United States forces.

Shortly afterward, Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced the House would vote on Thursday to limit Trump’s war-making powers — likely presenting a united Democratic front against the administration’s recent moves against Iran.

Lawmakers from across the House Democratic caucus left a closed-door meeting with top Trump administration officials in a secure room in the Capitol on Wednesday frustrated — if not outright angry — at what they described as a vague justification for last week’s deadly drone strike that killed Iranian Maj. Gen. Qassem Soleimani shortly after he arrived in Baghdad. Iran retaliated by launching a missile attack on two bases inside Iraq that housed U.S. troops on Tuesday night, but there were no American casualties.

Democrats, and even some Republicans, have expressed concern over Trump’s decision to strike Soleimani – the action that is at the heart of this war powers kerfuffle.

The Iranian military leader was believed to have been responsible for the deaths of several hundred Americans, and had been possibly planning further bloodshed when he was incapacitated.