Hunter Art Dealer Gives Testimony Before House Committee

In the never-ending Hunter Biden saga, it has been revealed that the first son’s art sales may have been a ploy to funnel foreign money into the pockets of the Biden family. Yes, you read that right – the same Hunter Biden who was involved in shady business dealings in Ukraine and China is now a successful artist, thanks to the help of his father’s presidency. But don’t worry, the White House claims they have a “system” in place to keep his buyers anonymous, for ethical reasons of course.

However, it appears this “system” was not established until several months after the White House claimed it was. Hmm, so much for transparency and ethical standards. But wait, it gets even worse. The first son’s art dealer, George Bergès, testified that Hunter Biden actually knew the identities of 70% of his buyers. So much for protecting against any possible influence on the White House by anonymous art buyers.

But it doesn’t stop there folks. Bergès also spilled the beans that he had not one, but two conversations with President Biden himself. One at the White House, during Hunter’s daughter’s wedding (I guess even Hunter has enough money to rent out the White House for a wedding), and another on the phone when the president called to congratulate Bergès’ daughter for finishing summer camp. Wow, must be nice to have such close ties to the most powerful man in the country. But wait, it gets even worse.

It seems that the White House was not involved in any formal agreement between Hunter Biden and his art dealer. Instead, it was just a personal agreement between the two, and Hunter was fully aware of who was buying his artwork. And yet, the White House still went ahead and put out a statement touting their “safeguards” and how they wouldn’t allow any offers “out of the normal court.” What a load of malarkey.

But of course, this is all just part of the “sham” ethics agreement that was put in place. As Representative James Comer stated, this is just another example of the Biden administration deceiving the American people.

“The Biden White House appears to have deceived the American people about facilitating an ethics agreement governing the sale of Hunter Biden’s art,” Comer said in a statement earlier this month.

And let’s not forget the fact that this bombshell revelation comes as the House formalizes the impeachment inquiry against President Biden. As if we needed any more proof that there are conflicts of interest and foreign money involved with this administration. But don’t worry, the mainstream media will brush this off as a “baseless conspiracy theory” and continue to praise the Biden family for their “transparency” and “ethical standards.”

Fox News