Hunter Biden Crimes Case Continues

Two IRS whistleblowers have stepped forward to testify before Congress, claiming that President Joe Biden’s Department of Justice (DOJ) deliberately buried evidence implicating Hunter Biden, the president’s son, in potential tax crimes. Rep. Jason Smith (R-MO) made the announcement during a press conference on Thursday, shedding light on a series of troubling events surrounding the case.

According to Rep. Smith, U.S. Attorney David Weiss attempted to bring charges against Hunter Biden in two different jurisdictions last year but was denied on both occasions. Seeking to pursue justice, Weiss even sought an appointment as a special counsel in the case but was met with denial.

The IRS whistleblowers further disclosed that they had alerted the IRS about potential evidence related to the case, which they believed could be found in the guest house of former Vice President Joe Biden. However, they claim that U.S. Attorney Lesley Wolf brushed off their concerns, asserting that obtaining a search warrant for evidence in the guest house would never be approved.

Moreover, the whistleblowers revealed that Hunter Biden’s legal team was informed by the IRS that there was probable cause to search a storage unit associated with him. This notification potentially allowed Hunter Biden to remove crucial materials from the location, raising concerns about the integrity of the investigation.

Rep. Smith expressed concern over the Biden Justice Department’s alleged interference and overreach in protecting the president’s son. He stated, “The testimony shows tactics used by the Justice Department to delay the investigation long enough to reach the statute of limitations, evidence they divulged sensitive actions by the investigative team to Biden’s attorneys and denied requests by the U.S. Attorney to bring charges against Biden.”

Additionally, Rep. Smith noted that the IRS whistleblowers faced retaliation, despite assurances made by IRS Commissioner Werfel before the Ways and Means Committee to uphold their legal protections. This raises questions about the integrity and commitment of the administration to ensuring transparency and accountability.

These explosive allegations have once again drawn attention to the controversial actions of Hunter Biden, the president’s son, and have raised concerns about potential favoritism or interference from the DOJ. As the investigation unfolds, it remains to be seen how these claims will be addressed and whether the Biden administration will respond to the mounting calls for accountability.