Hunter’s TRUE Thoughts About The Clintons Revealed!

As much as American politics has been distilled down into an oddly inefficient two-party system, there are still some very real tensions to be found in intra-party mingling.  This is the very basis of our government, at least at the congressional level, with factions of both parties constantly struggling to take control of their organization’s narrative.

But it is often much uglier on the left, for reason that are likely too obtuse to pontificate on, and the latest revelations from the orbit of Hunter Biden seem to prove that once again.

Hunter Biden ripped former President Bill Clinton as an “a–hole” who “looks like s—” in a 2016 email exchange and took aim at multiple Clinton aides in 2015 emails with his longtime business partner Eric Schwerin and Delaware’s now-chief deputy attorney general, Alexander Mackler.

In the April 8, 2016, exchange obtained by Fox News Digital, Schwerin shared a video clip of Clinton in an email thread with Hunter Biden and Mackler, who was deputy counsel to Vice President Joe Biden at the time. The clip showed the former president clashing with Black Lives Matter protesters during a 2016 Hillary Clinton campaign event in Philadelphia, in which he said the tougher sentencing provisions in the 1994 crime bill, dubbed the Clinton Crime Bill, were pushed by then-Sen. Joe Biden.

The exchange was wild.

“Hillary didn’t vote for that bill, because she wasn’t in the Senate,” Bill Clinton said at the time. “She was spending her time trying to get health care for poor kids – who were they? And their lives matter.”

At the time, Joe Biden had already ruled out a 2016 presidential run, and he would go on to endorse Hillary Clinton for president about two months later.

The day after Bill Clinton appeared to blame Joe Biden for the tougher sentencing provisions in the 1994 crime bill, Schwerin sent the clip to Hunter Biden and Mackler.

“What an a–hole,” Hunter Biden responded. “And God he looks like s—.”

Hunter Biden’s poor behavior continues to be a pockmark on his father’s political career, and this latest revelation certainly doesn’t reflect well on his upbringing.