Idaho Newspaper Criticizes Christian Worship Movement

Christian singer and conservative activist Sean Feucht has responded defiantly to a recent editorial published by the Idaho Statesman, where his Christian ministry was labeled as “dangerous.” Feucht, known for his “Let Us Worship” movement which began in response to COVID-19 lockdowns in 2020, has been leading worship services at state capitol buildings across the country to encourage Christians to stand up for their beliefs.

The Idaho Statesman’s editorial board characterized Feucht and his supporters as “dangerous activists” and “charlatans” seeking to inject their brand of Christianity into government. The editorial criticized the movement’s gatherings in front of state capitols as well as Feucht’s advocacy on issues related to LGBTQ rights and abortion.

While acknowledging that Feucht’s speech is protected by the First Amendment, the editorial still deemed it “dangerous” due to concerns about the influence of religious views on government policies. The article cited instances such as restrictive abortion bans, attempts to curtail certain library materials, and bans on gender-affirming care for transgender youth in Idaho as examples of the impact of such religious influence.

Feucht took to social media to respond to the criticism, showing a resilient attitude. On Twitter, he emphasized that opposition to his movement was akin to facing challenges from “Satan” and expressed confidence in God’s triumph. He further elaborated on his thoughts through a Substack post, in which he distinguished between exercising free speech rights and what he saw as a promotion of the LGBTQ agenda by the editorial.

In his Substack post, Feucht expressed understanding of the newspaper’s right to publish their opinions but also criticized what he interpreted as a “shameless plug for the LGBTQ agenda.” He conveyed his belief that standing firm on Biblical principles could be seen as “dangerous” in the current societal climate, particularly when such principles conflict with LGBTQ advocacy.

The Idaho Statesman has not responded to requests for comment regarding Feucht’s reaction to their editorial.

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