Illegal Immigrant Charged With Terrible Crime

The Edna Police Department in Texas has reported the apprehension of a suspect linked to the tragic demise of 16-year-old Lizbeth Medina, whose lifeless body was discovered in her apartment on December 5.

Authorities have identified the suspect as Rafael Govea Romero, described as an “undocumented male.” He is believed to be the individual responsible for the untimely death of Lizbeth Medina. The arrest was made in Schulenburg after swift action by the Edna Police Department and Texas Rangers. Romero has been charged with Capital Murder and is currently held at the Jackson County Jail.

Jacqueline Medina, Lizbeth’s mother, expressed her lack of recognition or familiarity with the apprehended suspect when questioned by Fox News Digital. Seeking closure and further details from the authorities, Medina, alongside the community, continues to mourn the loss of her daughter.

The shocking incident unfolded when Jacqueline Medina returned home one evening, only to discover her daughter lifeless in the bathtub of their residence at the Cottonwood Apartments. Lizbeth had been unreachable, prompting her mother to initiate a search, eventually leading to the grim discovery.

According to Medina, Lizbeth had last been heard from around 7:30 a.m. on Tuesday, after which her phone remained unresponsive, leading friends and family to believe it had died. Concern escalated when Lizbeth did not attend a scheduled Christmas parade later in the day, prompting Medina to seek assistance in locating her daughter.

Recollections depict Lizbeth Medina as a remarkable and caring individual, highly regarded by those who knew her. Described as mature beyond her years, Lizbeth was remembered for her kindness and positive influence on others.

In response to this tragic loss, the Medina family has initiated a fundraising campaign on GoFundMe titled “Justice for Lizbeth Medina” to aid their pursuit of justice regarding Lizbeth’s suspected killer.

The arrest of the alleged perpetrator comes as a bittersweet development for the community, offering a sense of closure while the grieving family continues to seek solace amidst this heartbreaking ordeal.

Fox News