Impeachment OVER! Shocking Results in Senate Trial Ends Trump’s Troubles…For Now

The impeachment of Donald Trump came and went just about how Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell drew it up:  Swiftly, and with a heaping dose of vindication for the President.

McConnell had long claimed that his work would be expeditious, and that he would do everything within his power to streamline the Senate’s process.  This meant that there would be no witnesses – something that drew major criticism from the Democrats, who believed that the key to the entire UkraineGate scandal likely lay at the feet of John Bolton, Mick Mulvaney, or some other White House insider who had yet to participate in an official deposition.

McConnell wasn’t lying about the speed of the process either, as Wednesday brought with it the official acquittal of Donald J. Trump.

President Donald Trump won impeachment acquittal Wednesday in the U.S. Senate, bringing to a close only the third presidential trial in American history with votes that split the country, tested civic norms and fed the tumultuous 2020 race for the White House.

With Chief Justice John Roberts presiding, senators sworn to do “impartial justice” stood at their desks to state their votes for the roll call — “guilty” or “not guilty” — in a swift tally almost exclusively along party lines. Visitors, including the president’s allies, watched from the crowded gallery. Roberts read the declaration that Trump “be, and is hereby, acquitted of the charges.”

The outcome Wednesday followed months of remarkable impeachment proceedings, from Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s House to Mitch McConnell’s Senate, reflecting the nation’s unrelenting partisan divide three years into the Trump presidency.

The decision comes just in time for Trump to tout the victory as he tours the nation on his 2020 reelection campaign, which will almost certainly be an enormous obstacle for the Democrats to overcome at the ballot box come November.