Infamously Crowded Georgia School Temporarily Closes After COVID Spike

File this one under:  Should have seen that coming.

Last week, a strange and disturbing tale come out of suburban Atlanta after a photograph from North Paulding High School went viral.  In that photograph, students were jammed shoulder to shoulder in the hallways, passing onto their next class.  Few were wearing masks, and absolutely none were social distancing.

The student who took the photo was suspended for her actions, but only until the media got wind of the suspension and the school rescinded the punishment.

Now, almost like we knew it was going to happen, that very school has been forced to shut its doors.

A Georgia high school that was featured in a viral photo showing students packed tightly in a hallway has closed temporarily after nine students and staff members tested positive for the coronavirus, CBS Atlanta affiliate WGCL-TV reports. North Paulding High School in Dallas, Georgia, reopened for in-person learning August 3.

The school will be closed to in-person learning Monday and Tuesday, according to a letter sent to students’ parents and guardians on Sunday. Extracurricular activities have also been canceled for those days.

Students will be informed if they can return for in-person learning on Tuesday night, the letter stated. The letter also noted the building will be “thoroughly cleaned and disinfected” while the school is shuttered.

And while this particular example has a tragically romantic ring to it, there is no doubt that other schools around the nation will be facing similar issues soon.