Iran Catches Warning Shot from US Vessel in Strait of Hormuz

As the world’s political polarization continues to separate the freedom of the west from the authoritarianism we find in other parts of the globe, it appears as though tensions are rising among these ideological opponents.

First and foremost there is Russia, who’ve been consistently issuing nuclear threats against the west and NATO should anyone attempt to halt their Ukrainian genocide.

Then there’s China, who are similarly telling the world that they’re going to do whatever they want with Taiwan, and everyone else can face the consequences of trying to stop them.

And on the same ideological-political plane lies Iran, who this week found themselves in a direct confrontation with the United States.

Three Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy vessels (IRGCN) approached a U.S. convoy comprised of the coastal patrol ship USS Sirocco and the fast transport ship USNS Choctaw County, which were conducting a routine transit through the Strait of Hormuz, the U.S. Naval Forces Central Command 5th Fleet said in a statement.

The American vessels responded sternly.

“One of the IRGCN vessels approached Sirocco head-on at a dangerously high speed and only altered course after the U.S. patrol coastal ship issued audible warning signals to avoid collision. The Iranian vessel also came within 50 yards of the U.S. Navy ship during the interaction, and Sirocco responded by deploying a warning flare,” the statement declared.

Officials noted that the entire confrontation lasted approximately one hour, and that the US ships involved were able to successfully complete their expected routine.

The news comes just days after Iran is said to have deactivated cameras monitored by an international nuclear watchdog, meant to prevent the regime in Tehran from building a nuclear weapon.