IRONY: Kathy Griffin Worries About ‘Civil War’ if GOP Wins Election

There have been plenty of moments throughout American history in which important people have been discovered to be a little less than cognizant of what they’re insinuating, and no amount of technological or cultural advancement appears able to pierce that reality.

To put it bluntly:  Some folks with a platform just like to speak before they think, and often in poetically ironic ways.

Take, for instance, Kathy Griffin:  Provocative and sometimes humorous comedic actress whose last claim to fame were images of her holding a photo-realistic mock-up of Donald Trump’s severed head that shocked the nation with their gruesome gratuitousness.

This same Kathy Griffin is now feigning concern about a potential “civil war” should Republicans make serious gains in the coming elections.

Kathy Griffin is doing her part to help Democrats escalate political rhetoric to dangerous levels ahead of the November midterms, saying they’ll be “civil war” if voters elect Republicans.

On Tuesday, the anti-Trump comedian tweeted what seemed like a threat of domestic violence if Democrats don’t prevail in the midterms. “If you don’t want a Civil War, vote for Democrats in November. If you do want Civil War, vote Republican,” she wrote.

The irony of Griffin’s previous imagery is obvious, and a reminder to all Americans that belonging to the cult of celebrity is not a characteristic that should decide whose contributions to the public discourse are valid.