IT’S ON: Impeachment Resolution Passes House, Dems Take Victory Lap

Today will forever live in the national memory as the turning of the tide of national decorum.

The Democrats have passed a “resolution” outlining the processes and procedures that will accompany the now-possibly-public testimonials on impeachment.  The left hopes to bring a few star witnesses back to testify in front of the American people, including Diplomat Bill Taylor.

The top US diplomat in Ukraine, Bill Taylor, will “fulfill his duty” and return to Capitol Hill to testify publicly if asked, according to a source familiar with his thinking, making him a potential key early witness for Democrats as they shift their impeachment inquiry into a public phase.

There has not been a request yet made for Taylor to testify publicly, according to the source, and Taylor is now focused on his duties in Ukraine.

Taylor’s lawyers said Wednesday night that no decision had been made.

“Ambassador Taylor has not been asked to appear and therefore has not made any decision about future testimony. He continues to perform his duties as a government official,” his lawyers told CNN.

Among the complaints registered by Republicans is the fact that the House committee chairmen, all Democrats, will have final say on the validity of any witnesses brought forth by their conservative peers.

This means that, despite being open to the public, this impeachment “resolution” changes little else about the “formal inquiry” that the White House has already ordered their subordinates to defy.

Democratic leaders have yet to explain just how they’ll compel defiant witnesses to testify, having earlier in the process hinted at possibly using the Capitol Sergeant at Arms to enforce their will.