J6 Probe Takes Aim at Sitting GOP Congressman with WILD Accusation

The Republican Party has long suggested that the work of the January 6th select committee  has been rife with ulterior motives, shrouded in some fanciful airs of moral superiority.  They see the group as not only rehashing the Trump-centric investigation surrounding the former President’s second impeachment, but also as a tool to impugn the entirety of the GOP ahead of the next two elections.

In their latest attack on a sitting Congressman, the group seemed to suggest that Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson was involved in a ludicrous plot to send “fake electors” to Vice President Mike Pence ahead of January 6th.

A top aide to Sen. Ron Johnson attempted to arrange a handoff of false, pro-Trump electors from the senator to Mike Pence just minutes before the then-vice president began to count electoral votes on Jan. 6, 2021.

The aide, Sean Riley, told Pence’s legislative director Chris Hodgson that Johnson wanted to hand Pence lists of the fake electors from Michigan and Wisconsin for Pence to introduce during the counting of electoral votes that certified Joe Biden’s win. The attempt was revealed in text messages obtained by the Jan. 6 select committee during its fourth public hearing on Tuesday.

The attempt didn’t get far.

“Do not give that to him,” Hodgson replied.

The fact that these were aides speaking to one another, and that the entire situation was quashed within the span of an entire minute was lost on the liberal left, who were suddenly calling for Senator Johnson’s ouster, (and worse), online.