JAWS Come to Life! New England Town Warns Beachgoers of Great White Sharks!

Around the nation, another major holiday is set to arrive this weekend, and again it will makes its entrance under the dangerous auspices of COVID-19.

We are currently witnessing a solid uptick in cases of this novel strain of coronavirus; enough so that experts have no problem stating that we have undoubtedly entered the “second wave” of the illness.  Viruses are predictable, even when they don’t have cures or vaccines, and many medical experts had been warning us that this day would come.

That’s why a number of beaches around the country will be closed this week, as the 4th of July holiday often brings crowds of revelers with lower inhibitions…which is precisely the sort of situation that provides COVID-19 with an opportunity for a feeding frenzy.

But the virus isn’t the only thing capable of such a voracious appetite that is keeping people away from the water.

Cape Cod’s beaches and towns may be quieter because of the coronavirus pandemic, but officials are reminding visitors ahead of the July Fourth holiday that the famous Massachusetts destination remains a popular getaway for other summertime travelers: great white sharks.

Cape Cod National Seashore Chief Ranger Leslie Reynolds warned at a news conference that the powerful predators are coming close enough to shore to be a concern for swimmers.

Officials in Orleans also have documented at least two shark attacks on seals in recent days, the Cape Cod Times reports.

And Gregory Skomal, a prominent shark scientist with the state Division of Marine Fisheries, says he tagged three great whites circling a whale carcass earlier this month as his research team began its work for the season.

The news comes as recreational areas around the nation lockdown ahead of the July 4th weekend.