JD VANCE NAILS IT: Americans ‘Are Not Racist for…’

With the midterm elections hovering just over the horizon, threatening to bring political chaos back to America yet again, a vast number of candidates are squaring off with one another in state-level debates this week, and the fireworks were on full display.

Make no mistake about it:  This is as contentious an election as we’ve ever seen, and there is plenty of mudslinging left to do before the people of this great nation cast their ballots.

But for JD Vance in Ohio, the most important message had nothing to do with trashing his opponent – it had to do with defending Americans from some of the most pervasive yet asinine accusations they’ve faced in recent years.

Americans should not be labeled “racist” by Democrats like Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH) simply because they believe in national sovereignty and borders, Republican J.D. Vance says.

During Monday evening’s Ohio Senate debate, Ryan accused Vance and other Republicans of supporting the so-called “Great Replacement Theory.” Vance responded by blasting Ryan on the issue of national sovereignty, saying that Americans should be able to support borders without being labeled “a racist” by Ryan and elected Democrats.

There was no mistaking the sentiment.

“You can believe in a border without being a racist. You can believe in the country without being a racist,” Vance said.

The notion that a secure border was somehow a racist sentiment began during the 2016 presidential race as Democrats desperately attempted to demean then-candidate Donald Trump over his “build the wall” narrative.