Jim Cramer Gets BLASTED on Twitter Over ‘Suboptimal’ Photograph

CNBC’s Jim Cramer is a character, that’s for sure.

The longtime denizen of Wall Street has been one of the most radically-odd personalities in the financial world for some time, having spent his career injecting some veritably wacky hi jinx into the stock market media sphere for decades now.

But Cramer is well known for going a bit overboard as well, and his latest tweet, which purports to show empty store shelves as a economic disaster has missed the mark.  Badly.

A storm of emotional outbursts erupted Tuesday on Twitter after Jim Cramer, the king of the emotive outburst and host of CNBC’s “Mad Money with Jim Cramer,” posted a photo of empty store shelves with a caption simply reading “suboptimal.”

Cramer was presumably offering economic commentary on the potential plight of consumers amid the combined effects of supply-chain shortages and the Omicron variant’s COVID-19 surge.

But what Cramer apparently failed to see were pink strips below the featured shelves, prompting many to take the CNBC host to the presumptive cleaners over what they saw as a short-sighted attempt — with the photo revealing nothing more than a store that had made room for Valentine’s Day inventory.

It’s hard to miss this reality if you take a look at the photograph for any length of time.

Twitter users were quick to pounce.

As of this writing, Cramer’s controversial tweet still appears on his timeline.