Jode Fesses Up to EFFING UP Baby Formula Fiasco

The White House has perhaps finally sensed something in the air.  The grand indigence of the population they serve, and the hot breath of angst that will fully manifest itself sometime around November of this year.

And so the Biden administration has been on a bit of an apology tour of late, hoping that serving the nation some humble pie might ease the tension.

Earlier this week it was Janet Yellen’s admission that they badly misjudged the nature of our current inflationary crisis.  And then, just hours later, Biden tells us all about how his ignorance may be responsible for the baby formula shortage.

President Joe Biden acknowledged Wednesday he did not know about the infant formula shortage soon enough.

“I don’t think anyone anticipated the impact of the shutdown of one facility,” Biden said to reporters when asked why he did not act sooner to help end shortages.

Biden spoke to a group of baby formula producers during a live video event on his imitation White House set across the street from the actual White House in an attempt to demonstrate his commitment to solving the problem.

But Biden said he did not realize the problem until early April, even though formula-producing executives had sent messages to realtors warning of potential shortages.

And then, reiterating the issue.

“They did, but I didn’t,” he said shortly, referring to the CEOs.

This unfortunate truth is likely to help inform voters in the 2022 midterms:  A contest in which the Republicans already have a rather clear advantage.