Joe Biden Adds to His Hypothetical Cabinet, Appointing Future Gun Control Czar

If there is one thing that the Democratic Party will never learn, it’s that the Second Amendment needn’t be poked, prodded, or otherwise toyed with.  Not by them, or by any foreign adversary who would also like to see us disarmed.

For decades, the left has railed against gun ownership here in the United States.  Their efforts to wholly appeal or rescind the right to bear arms will never be achieved, however, and they know this.  That is why the efforts they’ve undertaken in recent years have been aimed at frustrating gun owners with red tape, new expenses, and difficulty procuring supplies.

On the 2020 campaign trail, the Democratic candidates have all been attempting to one-up one another in this regard, each with their own unique spin on how to best befuddle American gun owners.

Now, former Vice President Joe Biden is taking the rhetoric to the next level, going so far as to begin making personnel appointments that would help him rein in gun owners in his hypothetical time in the West Wing.

During a Monday evening campaign stop in Dallas, Texas, Democrat presidential hopeful Joe Biden said Robert “Beto” O’Rourke will “be the one who leads” Biden’s gun control push.

O’Rourke, for his part, endorsed Biden for president, saying, “The man in the White House today poses an existential threat to this country. To our democracy. To free and fair elections. And we need somebody who can beat him. And in Joe Biden, we have that man.”

O’Rourke’s focus on gun control became far more pronounced after a mass shooting in his hometown of El Paso back in August.