Judge Gives Trump Ultimatum on Contempt Charge

Former President Donald Trump is facing a number of legal challenges now that he’s no longer residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, including a number of compounding litigious issues stemming from some enthusiastic judges.

One such case saw Trump decide to disengage from proceedings having to do with the Trump Organization, and subsequently be charged with contempt of court.  The judge in that case went so far as to fine the former Commander in Chief $10,000 per day until he came into compliance.

That judge is now seeking a compromise with Trump.

A New York judge said Wednesday that he would lift a contempt of court finding against former President Donald Trump by next week if Trump’s legal team provides more information about a search for documents sought by the state Attorney General and pays a $110,000 fine.

If those conditions are not met by May 20, Judge Arthur Engoron said he would reinstate a $10,000 per-day fine against Trump for being in contempt for having failed to comply with a subpoena issued by Attorney General Letitia James.

Trump says the documents in question are unavailable.

Trump and his lawyers have said they cannot locate documents sought by James as part of her civil investigation of the Trump Organization and its valuation of several real estate assets.

Engoron previously has said he was not satisfied with the explanations that Trump and the lawyers have given detailing their search for those documents.

The judge would go on to suggest that Trump could avoid further fines by providing additional affidavits that detailed the nature of the search for these documents, which clearly indicates that this particular adjudicator doesn’t seem to buy the former President’s story.