Judge Rules In Cobb County Divorce Proceeding

A new twist in the ongoing saga of former President Donald Trump’s legal battles has emerged, and it involves none other than Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis. In a stunning development, it has been revealed that Willis, the prosecutor leading the case against Trump, may have a romantic relationship with her special prosecutor, Nathan Wade.

According to court documents unsealed by Cobb County Superior Court Judge Henry Thompson, Wade’s divorce proceedings have been made public, shedding light on his alleged relationship with Willis. This bombshell revelation has raised questions about the impartiality of the prosecution and has led to calls for Willis to step down from the case.

But while the judge has ruled that the divorce case should be unsealed, he has yet to decide whether Willis will be required to testify in the case. Willis, however, is fighting tooth and nail to avoid taking the stand, claiming that it would obstruct justice and impede the ongoing criminal prosecution of former President Trump.

It’s a claim that has been met with skepticism by legal experts, who argue that Willis is simply trying to hide behind her position as a prosecutor to avoid being questioned about her alleged relationship with Wade. Andrea Hastings, the attorney for Wade’s ex-wife, went as far as to accuse Willis of seeking protection rather than facing the facts.

But that’s not all. The bank statements of Wade, who has been paid well over half a million dollars by the Fulton County District Attorney’s office since 2022, reveal that he has been using his position to fund trips and cruises for himself and Willis. These trips, purchased using Willis’ name, have raised suspicions of corruption and cronyism, with Wade allegedly using his position for personal gain.

Despite this mounting evidence, Willis has not denied the allegations. In fact, she has remained silent on the matter, raising further questions about her integrity and impartiality. While Willis has claimed that she pays all her special prosecutors the same hourly rate, evidence shows that Wade is actually being paid more than the others, further fueling claims of favoritism and unethical conduct.

The judge has yet to determine whether Willis has “unique personal knowledge” that would require her to testify, but has set a hearing for nine days from now to hear testimony on the matter. In the meantime, the judge has granted a motion to unseal filings in the case, which has been sealed since February 2022 without a hearing, raising more red flags about the transparency and fairness of the proceedings.

This latest development has only added fuel to the fire in the ongoing legal battle against former President Trump. And while the judge has deferred on deciding whether Willis will have to testify, one thing is clear: this scandal has exposed the cozy relationships between prosecutors and special prosecutors and has raised serious questions about the integrity of the legal system.

The motion to disqualify Willis, filed by Trump co-defendant Michael Roman, will be heard by Judge Scott McAffee on February 15th. Until then, the questions surrounding Willis’ alleged relationship with Wade and the implications for the case against former President Trump will continue to loom large. One thing is for certain: this story is far from over, and the truth behind the relationship between Willis and Wade has yet to be fully exposed. Only time will tell what other twists and turns this scandal will take.