Just days after ‘Storm Area 51’, group of UFOlogists make WILD claim

As we move ever deeper into a world whose informational boundaries know no end, we find ourselves ever more fascinated by the high strangeness that surrounds us.

Turn on the television on a Friday night anywhere in America, and you’ll be treated to any number of programs depicting real-life encounters with the paranormal.  Ghost hunting, sasquatch-searching, and demon depictions live large on the small screen.

One of the nation’s most popular supernatural programs, however, is Ancient Aliens, a fact that belies America’s obsession with the idea of flying saucers and little green men.

As if to prove this point, a former rock star and his UFO-interested team have made a wild new claim.

A band of alien hunters led by an ex-punk rocker claim they’ve found evidence of UFOs.

The U.S. organization, bankrolled by former Blink-182 singer Tom DeLonge, says it’s acquired “exotic material” from what could be an alien spacecraft.

DeLonge, from California, co-founded the group To the Stars Academy of Arts & Sciences in 2017 with the goal of researching extraterrestrials.

The team most famously turfed up classified footage of UFOs recorded by American pilots that were confirmed as real by the US Navy earlier this month.

Speaking to the New York Times, a spokesperson for the group gave a tantalizing tease of its next big scoop.

A reporter asked whether the team had obtained “exotic material samples from UFOs.”

The spokesperson responded: “Certainly.”

The corresponding tweet was certainly noteworthy.

Just days ago, hundreds of Americans descended upon the remote corners of the Nevada Desert for an event dubbed “Storm Area 51, they can’t stop all of us”, meant to shed light on the belief that the secretive Air Force base hold secrets regarding American contact with extraterrestrials.