Kaepernick Workout Stunt Fizzles as Former QB Remains Unemployed

Colin Kaepernick’s argument regarding the state of his NFL career is falling apart faster than, well, his actual career did.

The former San Francisco 49er has been out of a job for the last two years after a controversial sendoff season in which he consistently kneeled during the National Anthem to draw attention to racial injustice.

Now, after this physical performance tapered off and the NFL could find a fit for him, Kaepernick is claiming that he can’t make gainful employment because of his activism.

He again attempted to make this point with a public “workout” for the NFL, arranged by his agent.

Still, no one has called.

The event itself wasn’t exactly the world-class event that it was made out to be:

Kaepernick worked out for seven NFL teams at a local Atlanta high school, but the plan had been for him to audition in front of at least 25 teams at the Atlanta Falcons practice facility. However, after Kaepernick’s camp insisted on making the workout open to the media, out of concerns about transparency, the negotiations became imperiled. In addition, the two sides could not reach an agreement over an injury liability waiver.

After the league and Kaepernick’s reps were unable to reach a compromise on those issues, Kapernick suddenly declined to appear at the NFL organized workout and chose the high school instead. Only seven NFL teams traveled to the new site to watch the former 49er work out at the high school.

While Kaepernick is already claiming that he remains unemployed due to his activism, this lack of interest from the NFL after the “workout” is more proof that his physical skills are no longer compatible with an ever-evolving NFL.

Furthermore, his gripe about being shunned for his politics has been proven false as well, as Nike is set to release an entire Kaepernick-branded line of sneakers and clothing.