Kamala Harris Seemingly Preparing to Drop from Race, Laying Off Staff, Shutting Offices

Kamala Harris’ campaign for the 2020 democratic presidential nomination has been faltering since February, but the California Senator has simply been unwilling to face the music.

That pun was certainly intended, however, as Harris’ trouble began after she lied about “smoking weed” and listening to hip hop music in an attempt to soften her image as a hard-nosed former prosecutor.  The Senator’s insistence that she was listening to Tupac and Snoop Dogg at toking time was her downfall, as neither artist had publicly released any music at the time of her schooling.

Worse still, this fabrication was elicited by Harris during Black History Month.

Since then, Kamala’s campaign has been in a free fall, with her national polling plummeting to less than 6%.

It doesn’t appear as though she can last much longer.

Harris campaign officials confirmed to Fox News on Friday that all field staffers in the state have left the campaign and that only a “handful” of staff remains. The added that three field offices – in Keene, Nashua, and Portsmouth — have been shuttered. They said the state headquarters – in Manchester – will remain open with a small staff.

The move comes two days after top national officials for the senator from Californiaannounced they were restructuring and redeploying staffers from their headquarters in Baltimore and some of the early-voting states to Iowa, which kicks off the primary and caucus presidential nominating calendar. The campaign has been hemorrhaging money, spending more than what was coming in.

Fellow low-polling Democrat Beto O’Rourke raised the white flag just this afternoon, despite numerous attempts to reinvent himself over the last few weeks have failed spectacularly.

Should Harris falter in the least come the Iowa caucuses, there would be little hope left for the Golden State liberal.