Kellyanne Conway Blasts Blitzer as Husband George Claims She’s ‘In A Cult’

Longtime Trump confidante Kellyanne Conway has found herself once again in the headlines, this time in response to her husband’s virulent opposition to the actions of her boss, the President.

Conway was the first female campaign manager to ever win the general election, and has been by President Trump’s side ever since.  Despite this, her husband George Conway has maintained his very public opposition to Trump and his administration, inciting a fair amount of speculation regarding their relationship.

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer capitalized on this today, attempting to shame Kellyanne live, on-air.

Then, later in the day, the drama between the Conways erupted even further.

According to three sources close to George, his relationship with Kellyanne has, not surprisingly, become increasingly distant as impeachment has gained steam. “He tells people she’s in a cult,” a Republican who has spoken frequently with George told me. “It’s not going to get better until she’s cast out of the cult,” another person close to George said. Sources say George loves Kellyanne and wants the marriage to survive. He’s told people that if Kellyanne leaves the White House, they can make it work, a friend of George’s told me. “He’s going through a tough time,” a friend said.

Sources say George currently spends much of the time working out of Manhattan. When he sees Kellyanne in Washington, they rarely talk about Trump, except for some “passive-aggressive digs,” a person familiar with the conversations told me. (Both Conways declined to comment).

As impeachment continues to divide the nation even further, observing the Conways will undoubtedly become an ever-more fascinating endeavor.