Kellyanne Conway Blasts Pelosi Regarding Impeachment Origins

The Washington machine has been malfunctioning for years, undoubtedly, but the latest tiff between the White House and Congress has ushered in a new era of egregiousness that We The People just aren’t keen on.

You see, we want a legislature that is going to legislate for the people, not hijack their position for the sake of infinitely challenging the legitimacy of every President elected from here on out.

Worse still, this latest “impeachment inquiry” has the murkiest of origins, given that the failure of the Mueller Report seems to act as the perfect blueprint for this latest UkraineGate nonsense.

The ridiculousness of the whole debacle is certainly not lost on White House Adviser Kellyanne Conway, who had some choice words for the Democratic leadership this week.

Kellyanne Conway, White House senior counselor to President Trump, accused Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats on Wednesday of prematurely launching the impeachment inquiry.

“They screwed up the process from the beginning. They rushed out there having not seen the transcript. They believed what they heard on cable news. They believed on a very unfortunate report in the Wall Street Journal that got picked up and misinterpreted on CNN,” she told White House reporters on Wednesday.

Conway specifically called out Pelosi for rushing into impeaching President Donald Trump.

“Nancy Pelosi screwed up and got ahead of herself, thinking that she knew what was in the transcript and that we would never release the transcript,” she said.

Conway has long been willing to exude criticism of the Democrats, but this latest attack belies the White House’s growing frustration with the process laid forth by the left side of the aisle.