Kellyanne Conway Has Incredible Plan to Punish Pelosi for Speech-Ripping Stunt

Last night, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s temper finally boiled over.

The longtime Democratic Congresswoman had been trying for months to keep her cool.  At first, she wasn’t interested in impeaching the President whatsoever, and was only coerced into the maneuver after an anonymous whistleblower broke the “UkraineGate” scandal wide open, (allegedly).

Once Pelosi was on board, however, her decorum quickly began to deteriorate.  First, she snapped at a reported in a press briefing for using the word “hate”, pointing her finger in his general direction and warning him, “don’t mess with me”.

Then, after being snubbed by the President for a handshake during his State of the Union address, Pelosi stood and tore the Commander in Chief’s speech in half as the nation applauded him.

It was that act that has longtime Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway contemplating ways in which Pelosi could be reprimanded for her petty actions.

Her suggestions came during a conversation with host Sandra Smith on Fox News.

“I think it shows you how petty and peevish and partisan and the Democratic Party has become,” Conway told Smith. “What’s wrong with her? Who mutters to themselves over the State of the Union?”

“She looked like she was reading the Cheesecake Factory menu all night going through every single page,” she added. “I think that she should either be censured or I believe the same woman who led a resolution in the House to denounce a tweet last summer — there ought to be a Senate resolution denouncing her behavior last night.”

Pelosi and her fellow Democrats were dealt a second major blow on Wednesday night, as President Trump was swiftly acquitted in his Senate impeachment trial.