Kremlin Gives STUNNING Answer About Nuking Ukraine

As the Russian invasion in Ukraine continues to falter and flail, the mood at the Kremlin is spiraling out of control.  Vladimir Putin’s army has been thoroughly stymied, and it has exposed a great, big lie.

You see, Putin’s army was once thought nigh-invincible, with only the United States currently able to best them.  Now we see that they are a shell of the image that we gave them in the 80’s, when all of the action heroes had to fend off Russians war-games at the movie theater.

Worse yet, Putin’s ego has him considering a number of ever more desperate ways in which he thinks he can win this war, including the continued threat of nuclear war.

Dmitry Peskov, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s press secretary, would not rule out the possibility of Russia using nuclear weapons if it is faced with an “existential threat,” and admitted Russia has not achieved its goals yet in its invasion of Ukraine in an interview with CNN on Tuesday.

When asked by CNN if Russia would consider using its nuclear weapons, Peskov replied, “If it is an existential threat for our country, then it can be.”

Peskov said that Putin “hasn’t achieved yet” his goals in Russia’s invasion, with the army not having yet taken the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv or topple the Ukrainian government after three weeks of war and thousands of reported Russian casualties.

The Kremlin has repeatedly trotted out the nuclear threats throughout the failing invasion of Ukraine, largely to attempt to keep the west and NATO at bay.