Kremlin Insiders Have TERRIFYING Prediction About Putin’s Next Move

No one really seems to know what wild ideas are churning within the wicked mind of Vladimir Putin these days, and that in and of itself is a bit of a worrisome reality.

The Russian Federation President Dictator has been failing miserably in Ukraine, believing at first that this now-70 day war was going to take less than a weekend to wrap up.  Worse still, there are plenty of reports out there that Putin may even believe that he’s winning at the moment.

But perhaps the most worrisome aspect of the entire invasion is that idea that Putin could find himself with his finger on the button.

A GROWING band of Kremlin insiders fear their Russian leader will resort to nuclear weapons to defeat Ukraine and halt a palace coup, reports say.

The sources shared the concerns previously expressed by US intelligence officials that Putin could use tactical nuclear weapons against Ukraine.

During an interview on Tuesday, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov didn’t give a direct answer to repeated questions on whether Russia might use nuclear weapons in Ukraine.

Putin and his cronies have repeatedly suggested that they may attempt to use nuclear weapons as a deterrent against outside interference in Ukraine, but the possibility of employing a tactical nuke within the nation itself is a relativity new threat.