Latest 2024 Polling SHOCKS in Don vs. Ron Survey

With only a scant few races left to be completed in the 2022 midterm elections, much of the national political narrative will soon be turning to 2024, and the inevitable chaos that the coming presidential cycle will surely provide.

For many, the most pressing question revolves around the Republican Party’s potential candidates, and whether or not Florida Governor Ron DeSantis could find himself taking on, (and beating), current presumptive nominee Donald Trump.

A new poll appears to suggest that this is very, very possible.

A new poll shows that more Republicans would prefer to see Ron DeSantis as their 2024 presidential nominee than Donald Trump following the party’s disappointing midterm election results.

42% of Republicans and Republican-leaners said they would prefer to see the Florida governor as the nominee, compared with 35% saying they would prefer the former president, according to a new YouGov America poll.

The poll, conducted in the three days following the elections, is a reversal from the results of a Yahoo News/YouGov poll last month, when 45% said they’d prefer Trump and 35% said they’d prefer DeSantis.

And also:

While DeSantis beat out Trump overall, scoring higher among “not very strong Republicans” and those that “lean towards” the GOP, Trump still edged him out among “strong Republicans,” with 45% favoring him compared with 43% for DeSantis.

Trump himself has sniffed out the possibility that DeSantis could run, and has spent a great deal of effort in an attempt to dissuade him of late.