Latest DeSantis Speech Has 2024 Rumors Rising

Like lions they wait.  Crouched in the shadow of the great GOP plains, waiting for a moment of weakness before pouncing.

They are the would-be 2024 presidential contenders who have yet to find the courage to announce their plans, despite committing all of the correct, clandestine maneuvers to signal their intent.

They wait because Donald Trump is in the race, but also potentially in trouble, and they don’t want to waste any of their hard-raised funds prematurely trying to battle the former President if the DOJ is just going to nullify his candidacy anyway.

But, that being said, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is getting much, much closer to announcing his likely candidacy, it sounds like he’s already practicing his public speaking for the big stage.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’, R., second-term inauguration speech inspired praise and speculation about a 2024 presidential run Tuesday. DeSantis, who won his re-election bid this past November by a whopping 19.4 percentage points, is seen as a top contender for the White House and an alternative to former President Trump.

“DeSantis’ Florida inauguration speech sure sounds a lot like the launch of a Presidential campaign,” Tim Young, a conservative commentator, tweeted.

The Sunshine State lawmaker even dropped a few tester taglines, likely hoping to see which bumper stickers his campaign will make first.

During his second inaugural address, the Republican governor contrasted his record with that of Democrat-run states. He called Florida the “promised land of sanity,” and said the sunshine state is where “woke goes to die.”

Some in the media even began to paint DeSantis as a “uniter” of the fracturing GOP.

Aaron Navarro, a CBS News reporter, contrasted DeSantis’s success to national Republicans’ struggles. placeholder

“Today – Republicans in DC are in distress, but Republicans in Florida are celebrating,” he tweeted.

Steve Deast, a BlazeTV host, struck a similar tone.

“Contrast the Republican Party in DC, who can’t decide which ‘muh Ukraine’ flag waver to make Speaker, with the scene and themes of Republican Governor Ron DeSantis’ second inauguration in Florida. It’s like these aren’t even the same political parties,” he tweeted.

DeSantis’ likely run has already gotten him plenty of attention from Donald Trump, who has grown livid at the mere mention of the rising Republican star’s name.