Latest Projections for Hurricane Laura: Cat 5 and ‘Unsurvivable’ According to Experts

Things are about to get scary in the deep south, as the Gulf Coast of the United States braces for what could be one of the most damaging storms in decades.

Hurricane Laura has been stewing in the warm waters of the gulf for days, recharging, reloading, and replenishing her vast stores of wickedness.  In the wee hours of the morning on Thursday, Laura will make landfall, her threats made all the more dangerous under the cover of darkness.

The demeanor of our meteorologists has turned grim over the course of the last several hours, fearing that Laura could bring total devastation to the area.

Hurricane Laura is an extremely dangerous Category 4 storm and continues to strengthen as it heads for a destructive landfall near the Texas and Louisiana border Wednesday night into early Thursday morning. A catastrophic storm surge and damaging winds will batter the region and a threat of flooding rain and strong winds will extend well inland.

Residents along the upper Texas and southwest Louisiana coasts need to rush finish preparations to completion as a major hurricane is about to strike. Follow any evacuation orders issued by local or state officials.

Laura is centered about 90 miles south of Lake Charles, Louisiana. It’s tracking to the north-northwest at 15 mph.

The hurricane is now a Category 4 with 150 mph winds. Some slight additional strengthening is possible this evening.

Another warning from experts was completely and utterly terrifying.

“Unsurvivable” is all we needed to hear.