Latest Report from the Border Has Trump Administration Celebrating

From the very onset of the Trump era, history will remember that the 45th President of these United States was tough on immigration.

He ran on it, he won on it, and by God he’s going to get it done.  The fight for real immigration reform in America has been an ugly one.  The left can’t seem to understand the true intent of the President’s border wall, clouded by the mainstream rhetoric declaring that Trump’s immigration policies are racist, somehow.

When the administration was suddenly burdened with a heavy humanitarian toll on the border, thanks to a number of massive migrant caravans arriving in succession, the immigration infrastructure came under further scrutiny, particularly among radical leftists ideologues.

Now, after months of hard work by Trump’s team, there is finally some good news on the border.

Amid a series of sweeping actions from the Trump administration — including the expansion of the Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP) that return migrants to Mexico to await their immigration hearings, increased cooperation with countries south of the border like Guatemala, and new border wall — apprehensions have declined dramatically by more than 70 percent since May.

Soft-sided migrant facilities in Texas. (Adam Shaw/Fox News)

Soft-sided migrant facilities in Texas. (Adam Shaw/Fox News)

It means that a number of the soft-sided facilities here in Texas, which were packed during the summer, are now sparsely populated by comparison.

Migrants mill around in holding areas, watching movies on big-screen TVs and playing soccer in the vast empty spaces. At a facility in Donna, Texas, which new Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf toured last week, accompanied by Fox News, there were storage units with piles of clothes, food, drinks and snacks piled high for migrants brought to the center.

The numbers were simply stunning.

“The number of people we were holding here in the summer was 9,000, and if you look through the entire sector now we only have 1,000 people in custody, so it shows how numbers have steadily declined, primarily because of the assistance we’ve received from Mexico, but also initiatives like MPP … that have reduced the flow,” he said. In Donna, Karisch said roughly 400 people in custody are spread across three facilities.

Of course, this news has been largely buried by the mainstream media, who are too busy fawning over Adam Schiff’s pedantic impeachment folly instead.