Lawmaker Says Colleagues Hosted ‘Reconnaissance’ Tour on Jan. 5 for Insurrectionists

There are plenty of terrifying bits of information reaching the American people this week, as law enforcement continues their investigation into the events of January 6th.

On Tuesday, the FBI and DOJ held a joint news conference in which some of these frightening facts were laid out, and some ever¬†more worrisome details were omitted as their investigations continued. ¬†Perhaps the most damning reality of this situation was that the FBI was actively looking into “sedition” charges – a massive escalation in verbiage for the agency.

Scarier still were the photos that depicted the insurrectionists with zip ties and other accouterments of a hostage situation, while others roamed the halls chanting their intent to “hang” Vice President Mike Pence.

Now, in a stunning statement, a House Rep. from NJ is suggesting that some of her colleagues may have even given a tour to those set to breach the Capitol the day before it happened.

Rep. Mikie Sherrill, D-N.J., said Tuesday that she witnessed some lawmakers leading people through the Capitol the day before the riot in what looked like a “reconnaissance” tour, and said members will be held accountable.

Sherrill made her comments during a roughly 13-minute video on Facebook, where she addressed her constituents about the steps that Congress will take to hold President Trump and “those responsible” accountable for allegedly inciting the riot.

“I also intend to see that those members of Congress who abetted him, those members of Congress who had groups coming through the capitol that I saw on Jan. 5 for reconnaissance for the next day. Those members of Congress who incited the violent crowd. Those members of Congress that attempted to help our president undermine our democracy, I’m going see that they’re held accountable,” Sherrill said.

The FBI and DOJ, in addition to their “sedition” comments, have stated that they are actively pursuing conspiracy charges as well, and stated aloud that they have concerns about the organization and premeditation of the events of January 6th.