LeBron James Disrespects Anthem Days After Capitulating to China

The NBA is going to be having a rough go of it during the 2019-2020 season it seems, not unlike the unfortunate situation that the NFL has found itself in during recent campaigns.

For the NFL, it was the organization’s unwillingness to address the offensive National Anthem protests initiated by Colin Kaepernick, and which spread like wildfire throughout the league.  Now, years removed from the fad itself, the NFL still hasn’t fully recovered, with empty seats galore on any given Sunday, and almost any given stadium.

The NBA’s issues are a bit more concerning, however, as the league has given in to Chinese demands to curb the players’ and coaches’ right to free speech.  The pressure comes after the general manager of the Houston Rockets showed support for pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong via Twitter, prompting a Chinese boycott of the league.

In order to get back on China’s good side, (and rake in all of that Communist cash), the NBA went with a full-on capitulation campaign that included a strange apology from the league’s biggest start, LeBron James.

Now, just a few days after taking major heat for his perceived defense of the Chinese government, LeBron is back in the headlines, this time after seemingly disrespecting the American National Anthem.

Earlier in the week, a young man with a Clippers jersey tricked a cameraman at the arena into focusing on him, only to then reveal his pro-Hong Kong t-shirt, hidden underneath his other attire.

The NBA sure looks like it’ll be entertaining this season, but maybe not for what happens on the court.