LeBron James Sides with Communist China in NBA-Beijing Feud

There is something particularly worrisome when some of America’s wealthiest pro athletes are somehow sticking up for Communist China.

The whole debacle began a couple of weeks ago when an NBA coach decided to stick up for the pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong, who are attempting to wiggle their way out from under the thumb of the Communist dictatorship of greater China.

Normally, this is a no-brainer:  Democracy = good, authoritarianism = bed, right?

Well not in this case.  You see, China’s enormous population has given them the world’s most expansive buying power.  That means, in order to break into the Chinese market, you have to play by their rules.  The NBA has learned this the hard way, and are now working overtime in order to bring back their lucrative Chinese contracts.

They’ve even managed to get LeBron James to go to bat for Beijing.

This disgusting display of disloyalty to the American Dream is made all the more pathetic by the reasoning behind it:  James is simply brown-nosing the brutal dictatorship in order to get the NBA back into the Chinese consumer base.

Furthermore, this sort of betrayal of the American tenet of free speech is deplorable beyond words, and those who traffic in such two-faced farces deserve neither the wealth or the fame which they hold.