Leftist Agitators Set ‘Cop City’ Ablaze, Torching Vehicles and Buildings

In Atlanta, Georgia, a bitter feud has been developing between proponents of a massive law enforcement training facility slated for the southeastern portion of the city, and groups of violent, leftist protesters who’ve been occupying the forest where it will be built.

Over the weekend, protesters and revelers gathered for a music festival in the space, hoping to draw ever more attention to their anti-police cause.  Unsurprisingly, a number of violent agitators were in attendance, and the scene turned ugly on Sunday evening.

Smoke and flames shot and poured from equipment at the future Atlanta Public Safety Training Center dubbed “Cop City” on Sunday evening in Georgia.

FOX 5 Atlanta posted video on its website of a bulldozer and other pieces of equipment on fire as well as a section of grass.

The video also showed a large presence of law enforcement officials, with Georgia State Troopers maneuvering their squad cars to keep people away from the scene.

The facility is in the southeast section of Atlanta on Key Road where, according to FOX 5, protestors are clashing with law enforcement officials.

And also…

The station also reported that a Georgia State Trooper said a Molotov cocktail was thrown.

This is far from the first violent incident at the site of the future training facility.

Earlier this year, an anti-training facility ec-squatter was shot and killed by police after allegedly firing at the oncoming cops.