Legendary News Anchor Calls Trump Voters ‘Dumb’

The level at which the vitriol of the political punditry currently exists is somewhere between 4th and 6th grade in 2020, and perhaps moving backwards still.

When President Trump took office, something snapped in the mainstream media.  Their paradigm shifted bigly, as a man who promised to drain the swamp wound up sitting on a figurative throne right smack dab in the middle of the muck.  Politicians were soon hunkering down and hissing back at him, and their surrogates in the infotainment industry did the same.  They sunk to new lows in order to lob their venom toward Pennsylvania Avenue, sounding more like elementary school children than highly-paid journalists.

Even some of the legends of the industry have resorted to insults and childish name calling in recent days.

Take this latest quote from Dan Rather, which he gave during a recent appearance on MSNBC:

Rather said, “What this presidential election is about is whether the country’s going to move more in the direction of white supremacy or move more in the direction of a multiracial, constitutional republic based on the freedom and the democracy. That’s the proper frame, in which we now should put this election given what the president says, what he’s been doing — this long list of things. No sense going through the litany, but, you know, he knew in early February how serious the coronavirus was, but he repeatedly misled the American people. He said using an excuse and a lie, he didn’t want to spread panic.”

“Well, throughout his entire presidency and particularly during this presidential re-election campaign, he’s been trying to get people panicked,” he continued. “Panicked about dangerous people moving into the suburban neighborhood, panic over immigration. He’s asking us to believe that when it came to the coronavirus, he just didn’t want to spread panic. Anybody who believes this will believe that rocks grow, and we’re going to find out how many people are dumb enough to believe that. I’d like to think that most people in the country recognize it for what it is, and that is an excuse, and it’s a lie, and it’s outrageous, and it’s very dangerous.”

We can only imagine that, if Dan Rather is now simply calling half of the country dumb, that whatever bit of rhetoric comes next will be absolutely deplorable.