LoRosa Gives Comments After Debate

Ladies and gentlemen, buckle up because the political drama is heating up! On Sunday, former Biden White House official Michael LaRosa, who once served as press secretary to First Lady Jill Biden, unleashed a fiery critique against fellow Democrats defending President Biden’s shaky debate performance and plummeting poll numbers. His target? Former White House communications director Kate Bedingfield.

Bedingfield appeared on CNN’s “State of the Union” with host Dana Bash to discuss the Thursday night debate that had many Democrats scrambling. While she admitted that the debate was not a stellar moment for the president, she insisted that the race’s dynamics had not fundamentally changed. “What we see in all the data that has emerged since Thursday is the fundamental head-to-head hasn’t shifted,” she claimed.

But LaRosa wasn’t having any of it. Taking to social media platform X, he blasted Bedingfield’s remarks, accusing her of gaslighting the American people.

“The data!? If there is data that counters the impact of what we all saw, then WHERE THE HELL IS IT??? WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU WAITING FOR?? SHOW US!” he demanded in a post filled with frustration.

LaRosa didn’t stop there. He criticized the White House’s narrative over the past year, highlighting their repeated claims that data and polling were unreliable. “Jesus Christ with the gaslighting, the talking points, and the damn spinning. Enough already,” he continued, voicing the exasperation felt by many.

“Show your supporters or the media this data so we can help you help him! You’ve told us for A YEAR that data and polling can’t be trusted … no one is paying attention … and all of the polling and data are unreliable,” he continued.

He called on the White House to present this supposed data to supporters and the media to help bolster Biden’s campaign. “You’ve told us for A YEAR that data and polling can’t be trusted… no one is paying attention… and all of the polling and data are unreliable,”

LaRosa ranted. “Are we NOW supposed to believe it? You’ve been undermining all of the public data and polling and attacking news outlets and their independent data for a year! Is it now safe to trust the data? Should we believe your data instead of independent media data and polling??? Ok, cool. WHERE THE HELL IS IT?”

This explosive exchange underscores the tension within the Democratic Party as they grapple with President Biden’s performance and his prospects for a second term. With influential figures like LaRosa publicly airing their grievances, it’s clear that the internal debates are far from over. The pressure is on for the Biden campaign to address these concerns and provide clarity as the 2024 election approaches.