Liberals Unhappy with Woody Harrelson

Liberals on X, formerly known as Twitter, have expressed their discontent and displeasure over a photograph featuring actor Woody Harrelson donning a cap endorsing Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. The snapshot, originally posted by “Curb Your Enthusiasm” actress Cheryl Hines on her Instagram account, captured a moment where Harrelson and Hines stood side by side, with Harrelson proudly sporting a “Kennedy 2024” hat. Hines captioned the photo with “Great seeing you, Woody. #friends #hats #rfkjr,” sparking a wave of responses from liberal users on the platform.

The backlash was evident as a number of vocal liberals took to X to air their grievances. Andrew Kimmel, a senior producer of the popular show “Shark Tank,” lamented the apparent loss of Harrelson’s favor, stating, “We lost Woody.” “Liberal Lisa in Oklahoma,” a well-known leftist influencer, expressed her disappointment by declaring, “It’s official. After his s—– SNL opening monologue about Covid, now this. Woody Harrelson is dead to me.” Angela Belcamino, a prominent leftist user on the platform, did not mince words, asserting that Harrelson had effectively “canceled himself.”

Democrat social media strategist Devin Duke was equally critical, accusing Harrelson of embracing anti-science sentiments: “It’s a shame Woody Harrelson has revealed himself to be an anti-science quack.” The sentiment was echoed by others, such as former Bill Clinton staffer Claude Taylor, who remarked, “So disappointing. Good reminder actors are not role models.”

The controversy surrounding Harrelson’s endorsement of Kennedy stems from Kennedy’s recent notoriety for his skepticism towards COVID-19 pandemic protocols and vaccines. Harrelson’s previous public statements critical of the U.S. government’s response to the pandemic and its vaccination efforts seem to align with Kennedy’s stance, further fueling the backlash.

Many liberals referred to Harrelson’s past appearance on “Saturday Night Live” as a key factor in their disillusionment. In a monologue from February, Harrelson delivered a tongue-in-cheek critique of the COVID-19 vaccine and government measures. He presented a satirical scenario involving drug cartels controlling media and politicians to enforce a global lockdown. The actor, known for his affinity for marijuana, concluded the bit with a humorous punchline about his voluntary drug use.

As the photograph circulated and opinions continued to pour in, it became evident that Harrelson’s public endorsement of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., alongside his previous statements critical of pandemic protocols, has polarized the liberal community.

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