Lindsey Graham Explains When Ukraine Invasion will End

For ten months now, Russian soldiers have been fumbling their way around the far-flung corners of Ukraine, unprepared and with morale sinking like a stone.  The invasion is failing, forcing the Kremlin’s troops to commit a vast number of war crimes and other assorted atrocities just to keep conflict moving.

It’s a vicious cycle, and with each passing day whatever support there may have been for the war is waning.  Russian President Vladimir Putin is thusly facing a rather testy populace and reports of insider coups in the Kremlin continue to percolate.

Now, one US Senator says that he knows exactly when the invasion will end…and it certainly is a dramatic suggestion.

Lindsey Graham’s suggestion came during an appearance on Fox News.

Anchor John Roberts asked, “When you say all in, senator, would you agree to give Zelensky what he says he wants, which is the long-range attack artillery missiles, would you give him Gray Eagle drones, would you give him Reaper drones, would you give him all that?”

Graham said, “I would give him the ability to dislodge Russians from his country. Right now, the Biden administration has done more – and I appreciate doing more, but not the offensive capability to dislodge the Russians from the east, particularly Crimea. So, the longer-range weapons would hurt the Russian military more effectively. The drones would be the biggest game changer.”

Then came the fireworks.

Graham added, “How does this war end? When Russia breaks, and they take Putin out. Anything short of that, the war’s going to continue. To ask the Ukrainians to give Russia part of the country after all this death and destruction is not going to happen. To signal a ceasefire, Russia will take the opportunity to rearm and come at them again. So, we’re in it to win it, and the only way you’re going to win it is to break the Russian military and have somebody in Russia take Putin out to give the Russian people a new lease on life.”

Putin’s strong-armed, tyrannical tactics have long prevented any sort of revolt in Russia, but the sever unpopularity of the Ukrainian invasion could change all that.